LA: Melvins, Jesus Lizard, LCD Soundsystem Members Live Scoring A Movie This Friday!

Watch a seminal 60s experimental film while listening to musical powerhouses play.

This Friday The Cinefamily in Los Angeles is assembling a powerful group of musicians to live score a presentation of Michael Snow's experimental film Wavelength. Here's the lineup:

- J.R. Robinson (founder of Wrekmeister Harmonies)

- David Scott Stone (LCD Soundsytem, Melvins)

- David Yow (Jesus Lizard)

- Scott Martin (Big Business)

- Greg Rogrove (Priestbird)

- Matt Cronk (Qui)


I have never seen the 45 minute long Wavelength, so I turn you to the Cinefamily's synopsis:

Elemental, uncompromising, physical and yet completely intangible – explaining Michael Snow’s 1967 Wavelength is like explaining light itself. The 45-minute tracking shot is one of the most influential experimental films of all time, elegantly cutting to and straight through the essence of the filmic experience. This is a purely formal world, where the unalterable path of the camera – not human concerns like story or time – is what forms the experience. Originally scored to a simple sine wave drone, Michael Snow’s 1967 Wavelength converted the tenants of ambient, experimental music to the visual realm. For this special evening, sound artist J.R. Robinson – who has exhibited his ambient tonefields in museums around the world – will pay tribute to Snow’s pioneering visual experiment with an original sonic creation by his ensemble Wrekmeister Harmonies, accompanied by a list of friends and collaborators that includes members of LCD Soundsystem, The Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Priestbird, L.A.’s Big Business and Qui, and, of course, a projection of Wavelength itself!

They'll be showing the original version at 7:30 pm and the live score version at 10:00pm. The live score version is just 12 bucks. 

Click here to buy your tickets to this very cool event.