The US Won’t Get The Climate Change Episode Of BBC’s New Nature Series

FROZEN PLANET runs seven episodes, with the finale being about global warming. The DIscovery Channel will only air six episodes.

The BBC's Natural History Unit creates some of the best nature documentaries in the world. Everyone with a Blu-ray player and an HDTV should own Planet Earth, one of the most stunning hi-def nature docs ever created. And they're at it again, with a new series called Frozen Planet - but the version we see in the US will not be the one that airs in the UK.

That's because the UK series is seven episodes long, with the final episode dealing with climate change. Aware that 'certain regions' wouldn't be as interested in that topic, the BBC is offering a six episode version that cuts out the finale. The Discovery Channel in the US will be running the six episode version (although the BBC says that it is working with the channel to edit some content from episode seven into episode six). 

Removing the global warming episode seems especially crazy since Frozen Planet is about the Arctic and Antarctic, ie the places most currently being impacted by climate change. In fact shrinking of glaciers and ice shelves spurred the creation of the show. 

The US DVD/Blu release will contain all seven episodes, thankfully.