Welcome To Badass Digest 2.0

Yes, we've cleaned the place up a bit!

It was just over a year ago that Badass Digest premiered, and we're pretty excited to be launching Badass Digest 2.0 for you guys today. It's not a drastic overhaul on the front end, but hopefully you find it cleaner and a little more pleasing to the eye. This new design should be more flexible for us as we add new writers and keep amassing lots and lots of content.

The most important changes may be behind the scenes; we've left behind WordPress and have a new content management system. That's only important to you guys in that this new backbone for the site should mean faster load times and fewer problems for readers. This new back end is going to grow with us and offer you a better user experience.

We also have a brand new (working!) mobile site. As of the writing of this post the redirect is still propagating, so if you're logging on from your mobile device and don't see the new mobile site, just go to www.badassdigest.com/mobile - it should be automatically redirecting in a few hours.

When you're poking around you might notice an image or an article doesn't load right or a comment thread isn't working - please bear with us as we make sure everything is in its right place. If you encounter any problems, we now have a handy submission form you can use to alert us to your issue. And if you run into something on the web that you think is badass and we should know about, we have a news submission form as well!

Thanks for all your support this past year. Year two, with BAD 2.0 in place, will be bigger and better. And Roger already has ideas for BAD 3.0...

By the way, we're still open to  your comments and critiques. Let us know what you think about the new design.