And In Other Protest News…

A bunch of dipshits "ironically" protest People Magazine for snubbing Ryan Gosling as the Sexiest Man Alive.

Right or left, progressive or conservative, surely we can all come together to mock the handful of morons who marched in front of People Magazine HQ in New York City to protest... the snubbing of Ryan Gosling.

See, People Magazine named creepy birdman Bradley Cooper the Sexiest Man Alive, and these people think that Ryan Gosling should have gotten the honor. 

Meanwhile, forty or so blocks downtown, actual activists are being arrested and beaten in the streets while trying to draw attention to the nation's dizzying equality chasm and the nefarious influence of money in our political system. And these people are marching because a rag like People didn't bestow a fake, ephemeral honor upon a hot young actor.

Honestly, I would like to see the NYPD wade into these half dozen assholes and give them all the Scott Olsen treatment. OK, maybe not - I stand firmly against police brutality, even when it comes to Gosling fans or the KKK - but Jesus Christ, is this what our society has come to?

Looking at the Facebook pages of the people who organized this, they're obviously a bunch of hyper-ironic shithead hipsters, but that actually only makes me angrier. There's a legit social change movement happening, and Matt Stopera, editor of the cat lady website Buzzfeed, is goofing on it. The levels of meta irony displayed by Stopera and his motherfucker colleagues irritates me to no end.

Ride your fixie home from the protest and laugh about it with your bros in Greenpoint, Matt. Meanwhile some kids are downtown getting their heads beat in so you can live in a better country. Here's what Stopera is mocking: