Will Big Screen RAMPAGE Be Faithful To Original Mythology And Grittiness?

The game that had a Godzilla, a King Kong and an enormous Wolfman tearing up a city now to be a movie.

The old video game Rampage is getting the big screen treatment from New Line; you probably remember this Stone Age game from arcades and the NES, the one where you - controlling a Godzilla, a King Kong or a Giant Wolfman - would climb buildings, smash them, and eat people. It was actually a pretty great game.

It was fairly light on 'plot' and 'story,' but whatever. It's Hollywood in the 21st century - a movie needs a poster concept and Garrett Hedlund to be greenlit these days. And I have such good feelings towards the Rampage game that I'm actually letting my personal nostalgia get in the way of being a bitter old coot. That said, I remember Rampage being one of those games where I didn't quite lose but sort of lost interest and wandered away after a while.

Still, a giant Wolfman! That's worth seeing on the big screen, I think. Just imagine how big his wolf dong would be.