Los Angeles: Screening of John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES At The New Beverly Tonight!

Calling Los Angeles badasses! Tonight at the New Beverly, Brian Collins will be hosting a screening of John Carpenter's VAMPIRES.

Please note - the poster has a typo, tickets are EIGHT dollars, not seven.  My apologies.  

Calling Los Angeles badasses! Tonight at the awesome New Beverly, I, BC of Terror Tuesday (and occasional Community pimping) fame will be hosting a screening of John Carpenter's VAMPIRES, and I'd love to see some Badass Digest readers in the crowd. If you've never seen the flick, or have just forgotten, it tells the tale of a group of badass vampire hunters (led by James Woods in pretty much his only action hero role) who seek to take down the original vampire, played by Thomas Ian Griffith. It's the closest Carpenter ever got to making his western (it takes place in dusty New Mexico locales), and also has one of his most underrated scores. Also it was pretty much his only box office hit of the past twenty years, so that's worth noting.

It's actually excellent timing for the screening, as those much derided "sparkly" vampires are currently hogging the multiplexes, which of course has brought yet another round of mocking their fanbase and claiming that they're not vampires and blah blah blah. I could care less if folks like Twilight or not, but if you are one of those haters, put your money (8 bucks!) where your mouth is and support some bona fide, 100% full-blown vampires - this movie actually got an NC-17 at first due to some of the gore!

In addition to the film itself, Producer Sandy King will be on hand for a Q&A beforehand, and both she and I will have some stuff to give away for trivia questions (I'm pretty sure hers will be signed by the man himself). And true to form, I'll also be giving away a brand new DVD of Community Season 2, which I insist goes to a Greendale virgin.

The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd, two blocks west of La Brea. There's plenty of street parking, and again tickets are only 8 bucks (cash only), plus the concessions are the cheapest in town - you can get a popcorn and soda for less than 5 bucks! You'll also be supporting glorious 35mm film projection, which is worth the cost alone. It all starts at 11:59 pm tonight (Saturday, November 19th) - so be there!

P.S. On a separate admission starting at 7:30, Duncan Jones will be on hand to show/talk about his two films Moon and Source Code, so if you haven't checked those out yet or just want to see them on the big screen again (also in 35mm), why not make it a triple feature?