Old Hollywood Scandal Sunday

It's Sunday, which means you want to sit down quietly with your coffee and read some scoop. 

With all of the super titillating Natalie Wood scoop going around these days--the investigation into her death has been reopened!--I'm reminded of the excellent Scandals of Classic Hollywood series over at The Hairpin. The most recent entry tells the story of Paul Newman's swoony ways. And be sure to read further into the previous, equally compelling Scandals of Classic Hollywood posts:

The Unheralded Marilyn Monroe

Ava Gardner-The Second-Look Girl

Rock Hudson, Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelor

Elizabeth Taylor, Black Widow

Marlon Brandon's Dirty Dungarees

Lana Turner, Sweater Girl Gone Bad

My favorite: Clark Gable, The Scandal That Wasn't

Clara Bow, "It" Girl

And Robert Mitchum, Smokin' The Dope

That should keep you quietly yet juicily occupied through the rest of this peaceful Sunday. When you're done, you'll be primed and ready to watch any of the wonderful classic movies free streaming on Hulu or Netflix. Put on your smoking jacket, grab a snifter of brandy and a cigar and kick your feet up. It's been a long week. You've earned it.