Marc Webb's reboot of the Marvel Comics character was spotted swinging around Manhattan this week.

Peter Parker returned to the streets of New York this weekend for some additional shooting on The Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield was seen on set, as was an early version of Spider-Man, as well as Rhys Ifans, sporting a melty-looking hand prosthetic.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with movies doing additional shooting - Woody Allen schedules it into every one of his flims. I think what's interesting is that director Marc Webb and crew have returned to shoot more action stuff and more business with Dr. Curt Connor turning into The Lizard. I have been told that the movie tested recently; while I don't know what the test audience thought of the film, the fact that they're shooting more action certainly indicates that somebody thought the film needed more oomph. 

Have you seen the film? Drop me a line and give me your thoughts - off the record, of course. As a huge Spidey fan since I was a tiny boy, I remain hugely hopeful for this film.