Booster Gold vs MegaPython? DC Character Coming To Syfy

Jesus Christ, they're still calling it Syfy?

Not content to let Marvel control the airwaves with Jessica Jones, Punisher and Hulk shows in development, DC Comics will soon be coming to TV. Well, the Syfy Channel anyway - close enough. The network has ordered a pilot script for a one hour drama based on Booster Gold.

Gold's a third tier hero, but a great one: a washed up athlete from the 25th century, his job at the Space Museum (yeah) allowed him to steal a whole bunch of gadgets, use the apparently still-active time machine on display there and come back to the present to be a superhero. But Booster wasn't looking to save lives - he was looking for endorsement deals. Way back in 1986, when Booster Gold #1 came out, this was a huge spin on the hero concept, and Gold's semi-comedic adventures were pretty delightful. 

I think the character (who has a robot sidekick named Skeets) is really well-suited for a TV show. A movie would need to complete Booster's arc from selfish dope to selfless hero in two hours, while a TV show can really play around with it. 

The pilot is being written by Andrew Kreisberg, whose genre bona fides include Fringe, Warehouse 13 and... The Vampire Diaries.