Is THE DARK KNIGHT RISES An Even Bigger INCEPTION Reunion Than We Thought?

It's possible another INCEPTION cast member is in the new Batman movie, playing a caped crusader no less. Or is it a very, very different role? Spoilers and speculation within.

UPDATE: Turns out Batman-News debunked this. Leaving it up for transparency.

Spoilers, I guess. I never know what's going to set the spoilerphobes off.

A site by the name of The Dark Knight Rumors (creative) has posted a picture of what is purported to be the trailer door for an E. Page, who is playing B. Gordon. This picture was supposedly taken while the film was shooting in New York City recently. 

Could that be Ellen Page, playing Barbara Gordon? Barbara was a child in the last Batfilm, but now we know that The Dark Knight Rises is set eight years later. Assuming the girl (listed only as "Gordon's daughter" on IMDB) was about seven in that film (that was the age of the actress), that means she'd be 15 or 16 in the new movie. Ellen Page can definitely play young, but 15? I'm not sure.

The argument here is that Nolan likes using the same actors again, and he certainly does. But let's assume that Page IS in the film for a moment (ie, assume the photo is legit, which I'm not convinced of, and then assume that E. Page must be Ellen Page) - does it mean she must be playing Gordon's daughter? 

Hear me out: Gordon's wife is also named Barbara Gordon. And the film will have flashbacks to a young Ra's Al Ghul (played by Josh Pence). So what if it has flashbacks to other younger characters? What if Page is playing the younger version of Gordon's wife - perhaps during a period when Ra's first visits Gotham and sees it as a city that needs to be destroyed? I have zero backing that up, but it certainly seems way more interesting to me than Page playing daughter Barbara Gordon, who in the comics becomes Batgirl.