Julie Delpy Tackles Joe Strummer Biopic

No, she's not playing him. 

The Future Is Unwritten is a loving documentary portrait of the late Joe Strummer, musician/activist/hero of my generation. Strummer was an uncompromising original, and you get a glimpse of how many people he touched in the film's varied interview subjects: Bono, Steve Buscemi, John Cusack, Flea.

Today we learn that Julie Delpy is apparently another serious fan; according to Variety  she is attached to direct a biopic of Strummer. Taking its name from a Clash song, The Right Profile will purportedly focus on Strummer's early life and his "planned disappearance from the public spotlight in 1982", so maybe it's more of a Clash bio, as the band called it quits right about then. And maybe Variety (or Delpy?) should familiarize themselves with Strummer's post-Clash career, as he was pretty active until the end.

Either way, this feels like the kind of hollow honor Strummer himself would hate, but that might be presumptuous of me. In the meantime, someone let Ms. Delpy know that The Right Profile is a song about Montgomery Clift...