Be Thankful for Your Eyeballs in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

This Thanksgiving Eve, give thanks to April for videos from Fleet Foxes, Razika and David Lynch himself.

As a follow-up to their eponymous album released in 2008, Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues has received equally deserved critical acclaim since its release earlier this year. Wearer of many hats, Sean Pecknold, steps in as director, cutout animator and blood brother of lead melodist, proving there must have been something in that family’s water. I’m guessing it wasn’t liquid concentrate sponsored by an anthropomorphic pitcher man because all my brother and I ever collaborated on, creatively speaking, was a martial arts inspired dance routine set to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Anyway, take note from the opus makers and throw on a pair of headphones while the gorgeous video for “The Shrine/An Argument” rightfully hogs your screen.

It’s been months since Arnold de Parscau won David Lynch’s video contest with his nightmarish portrayal of the flawed family unit, but I feel like his video for the cult director’s delightfully unhinged electro-pop offering is just in time for Thanksgiving. And that won’t make much sense until you excuse yourself from the table, enter an alternate Coraline-esque dimension through the bowl of split pea soup, politely ask your sister to please pass Dad’s eyeballs and finally reconnect on a boat, riding the tide out after dark. “Good Day Today” begins to sound like a mantra and, from the looks of it, someone surely neglected to mention a positive night.

I won’t officially be a decade older than these Norwegian girls until December, so it’s safe to say I’m currently in quadruple love with Razika. And that it’s weird for them to have a Beastie Boys tape in the car. Directed by Mona Lerche, the video for the ska-pop quartet’s “Vondt i Hjertet” follows a typically one-track minded teen couple to the beach where they fumble through each other’s underthings and fog up the windows from the passenger seat of a turquoise Toyota. Full disclosure? It all inspires a certain nostalgic “hachi machi” quality and I promise to never use that expression again. If you don’t recognize the male lead (Brady Corbet) from Melancholia or Martha Marcy May Marlene, you might be doing some things wrong.