As You Overeat Tonight, Disney Reminds You Food Will Win The War Against The Axis

A truly odd bit of WWII propaganda from Disney says that hugely obese Americans will defeat the Axis powers.

WWII propaganda is always odd. I have to admit that I like it best when it's racist - there's just something fascinating about Superman urging you to 'Slap a Jap' - but it also got right into the surreal on occasion. Take this Disney propaganda cartoon called Food Will Win The War: you can marvel to a spaghetti sweater big enough to fit over the Earth, enough flour to snow in the Panzer army, enough vegetables to cover the Great Wall of China, and weirdest of all a giant fat American woman smashing Berlin.

So as your stuffing yourself with stuffing tonight, remember that you're doing it to crack the Krauts and slap the Japs!