The Family’s All Here: Moebius’ DUNE Concepts, Collected

An all-in-one look at Moebius' character designs for the never-shot Jodorowsky DUNE adaptation.

At this point I think it's fair to say I'm more interested in the unmade Jodorowsky Dune than I am in many movies that are currently in production. I find myself fascinated with this project, which would have been a big space opera hitting theaters the year before Star Wars - how would Jodo's psychedelic vision have been received? What impact would it have had? Would Star Wars even have existed if Jodo's massively expensive, hugely ambitious head trip of a movie come out and tanked (as I suspect it would have)? This is an alternate reality I want to visit, and I want to buy the three disc Blu-ray set (third disc, sadly, is a digital copy of the movie. Some things aren't that different in the alternate reality).

I love this image, which has taken all of Moebius' character designs for the film and placed them together; it really shows you how strange and unique and utterly prescient this film was. This movie was being tossed around in like 1975! This image shows you a roadmap of geek history to come. 

Recently I was interviewed for a documentary about Jodorowsky's Dune. I saw some of the stuff they're doing with the unused storyboards (I actually got to look at most of the film's storyboards - the huge book Jodo accumulated which made the rounds at all the studios, including Fox before Star Wars. Let's say there are some... echoes in Lucas' movie), and this doc could be amazingly cool. Even with my fat head in it. I'll keep you guys updated.