Highlights Of Spielberg’s MSN WAR HORSE Live Chat

Steven Spielberg participated in a live simulcast chat after nationwide WAR HORSE sneak screenings yesterday. Here are some highlights.

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Yesterday I saw War Horse in a national sneak preview, and I cannot tell you how much I like it due to embargoes. But I can talk about the Steven Spielberg Q&A that followed; the Q&A was held in NYC and beamed into nine theaters across the country and simulcast on MSN. Fans were able to submit questions, and only a few of them were dumb.

The video above is a highlights reel of a Q&A that was almost an hour in length. It was a pretty good session, and I think the highlight gets to most of the 'serious' questions, including how much Spielberg cared about the safety of the horses. But I believe it's missing the best question of all - when a guy in the NYC audience stood up and asked if any of the horses in the film were 'auto-erotic.' That, of course, is a Jurassic Park joke, and Spielberg totally got it (he said that it was a joke they came up with on the day). 

There were animatronic horses, but according to Spielberg there are only three CGI scenes in the film (I'm assuming he's discounting sky replacement and stuff like that and only focusing on serious FX sequences). He wouldn't say what they are; I have my guesses, but I'll be keeping an eye out for them next time I see the movie. 

War Horse opens December 25th. It will be nominated for all the Oscars.