The Chronicles Of Riddick’s Bank Account

Vin Diesel's movie was shut down because it couldn't pay for its studio space. 

Who is the villain in the new Chronicles of Riddick movie? Possibly an accountant, as the production has been shut down for the last month because they couldn't pay their bills. The movie crew was literally locked out of their soundstage in Montreal when the production fell behind on the rent. The money has finally been raised, and shooting will continue again - at the end of December. That means Riddick has an unscheduled two month break, which is probably tough on everybody involved.

Including those who still haven't been paid - some crew are still waiting for their checks to arrive. 

This is a pretty unusual thing to happen on a major movie, and I'm surprised there hasn't been more coverage of it. I wonder if they'll talk about it on the home video extra features. 

I'm also curious what happens next - my understanding is that Riddick is largely green screen, which means that the truly expensive shit is going to be happening in post, with lots of computers churning out environments and creatures.