Alice Eve Joins STAR TREK, Plus Vague Hints About Benicio’s Villain

She's not out of Starfleet's league.

There's new casting news on Star Trek 2 - Alice Eve has joined the cast in a major female role, which Variety thinks is a brand new character. I assume she'll be a love interest for Captain Kirk. And after seeing She's Out Of My League I assume she'll be almost convincing. 

It's possible that she's NOT a new character, that this is either disinfo or she's playing a changed version of a familiar character (where the hell is Yeoman Rand?). But Benicio Del Toro WILL be playing a familiar character according to the trade, and he's not alone. There's a second villain - an older character who is a helper or sidekick of some kind. And so I begin wracking my brain...

If Del Toro is playing a Klingon (like Koloth or Kang from the original series), the older character could be just about anybody - just a wise Klingon warrior. I'm really wracking my brain trying to think of classic Trek villains who have older sidekicks - Khan didn't, if I recall properly. I can't come up with anybody off the top of my head.

Thoughts? Guesses?