Daniel Day Lewis Rocking The Lincoln Beard

The actor is spotted with some familiar facial hair.

Steven Spielberg is shooting Lincoln right now (that sounds wrong, huh?) in Richmond, Virginia, and star Daniel Day Lewis has been spotted out and about. This is interesting for one reason only: his beard.

Other actors might wear a fake Lincoln beard, but Lewis is a real Method kind of guy. He never broke character during the shooting of My Left Foot, using a wheelchair to get around set and really inconveniencing the crew, who had to lift him over cables and stuff. He actually broke two ribs from maintaining a hunched over posture. So growing a beard is pretty tame in the scheme of things.

He looks pretty fucking good as Lincoln, no? I mean, the guy is just nailing the physical aspect of the role. And it's DDL, so you know he's going to nail the rest of it as well.