David Fincher Has Changed The Sound Of Trailers

Where Fincher goes, other studios follow.

The full trailer for John Carter will air on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and, I'm assuming, hit the web soon after, but Good Morning America had a tease of it (I hate this job sometimes, you know? Teases of commercials? UGH). I don't want to really talk about the trailer because I haven't seen it and I hate judging FX-heavy trailers after watching them on computer monitors, but something did catch my attention:

The Led Zeppelin.

The John Carter trailer uses a choral cover of Kashmir. It sounds pretty cool! And pretty familiar - this is the just like the  Led Zeppelin song that David Fincher used in the first Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer (that was Immigrant Song). Also a cover, mind you - Zep is pretty tough on using their songs unless you're a really rich car company and/or Cameron Crowe. 

Trailers are always aping one another, and there are tracks that are used in so many trailers as to be hilarious - at one point it was Clint Mansell's Lux Aeterna, at another it was E.S. Posthumus' Nara - but this is sort of different. Usually recycled trailer music is a film cue, or something from a music library. When studios do recycle songs - like Let The Bodies Hit The Floor or Walking On Sunshine - they simply use the original version or a very similar cover, not a deeply reworked version.

So has David Fincher, whose Se7en was one of the most aesthetically disruptive films of our time, gone and done it again? Has he created a whole new cliche for movie trailers? Will we be hearing all sorts of variations on Led Zeppelin as blockbuster season reapproaches?

And also worth noting: Immigrant Song is one of my karaoke jams. Have I influenced this new movement?

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