Kate Bush Begets Snowmance in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April brings us hot music videos from Kate Bush, Polysics and Renaissance Man. 

I can count on one hand the number of people with the acquired taste necessary to fully appreciate Kate Bush’s idiosyncratic ways. And before you poke fun at the English art rock legend for penning a thirteen minute musing regarding the sorrowful end to an affair with a man made of snow, allow me... to create a joke in poor taste wherein her post-fifty hot flashes are held accountable. Are you really going to look me in the eyes and tell me her duet with Peter Gabriel doesn’t bring you to tears? Her tenth studio album, 50 Words for Snow, was released just this month, comprised of “hymns for the winter season," and has been met with warm praise. Oh, and this is only a two minute clip of the distant track “Misty” referred to as “Mistraldespair." If you don’t give a shit about Kate Bush, the claymation is still worth a peek. 

If you’re a stranger to Tokyo-based new wave rock outfit Polysics, a viewing of “I My Me Mine” is crucial. Now that you’re familiar, it should also be noted that their sequel video for “Electric Surfin’ Go Go” below will not make any more sense to you. The former sort of reminds me of Traffic School sponsored by Japanese Skymall. Please sign me up if that’s a thing. Thanks to my pal SQ for the introduction to these high energy Devo-tees.

Finnish electro duo Renaissance Man wrote and directed an intriguing video for their track “Stalker Humanoid,” set in the understory of a forest in Helsinki where mossy yeti-like cryptids execute precise choreography by day and hopefully have little in common with The Evil Dead tree by night. Admittedly, I’ve hung onto this one for a while in fear of spawning nightmares per page hit.