LOST Mego Figures Can Now Play In The Hatch

A painstakingly handmade Swan Station playset for Mego-style LOST figures.

Megos! They were the great strange toys of my childhood; essentially boy Barbies, most had generic bodies and individual rubber heads, and were dressed in cloth outfits. I have a bunch of Mego Star Trek figures from the 70s, and the Enterprise Bridge playset to house them. The Mego playsets were always big and elaborate (for the time - the Bridge has a Transporter room that will make your dolls 'disappear') and super cool. Before GI Joe introduced the USS Flagg aircraft carrier, Mego playsets were THE playsets to get*.

Some people still love that Mego look, and lots of folks make custom Megos. There are limited edition Mego-style Lost dolls available, and our very own Phil turned me on to this immense work of fanboy art: a Swan Station Mego playset. It's got everything you would want in a Swan Station playset, including the closet where Ben is held captive, the record player and the computer where Locke sits and pushes the button. 

And in case spending months working on this wasn't obsessive enough, the creator made an almost nine minute long video about it:

Click here to visit the Island of Lost Megos.

* Honorable mention to the Death Star playset, which included a trash compactor room complete with foam trash and a Dianoga.