Oh Crap, Michael Bay Is Probably Doing TRANSFORMERS 4

Sorry, Sartre, hell is actually endless Bayified Transformers sequels.

The best part about Transformers: Dark of the Moon is that it seemed to be the end of Michael Bay's run on the franchise. I don't automatically hate Michael Bay, but I do think he's best at insane R-rated films, and it felt like he truly was not a fan of the material with which he was working. Somehow the simple concept of transforming robots battling had become three boring, bloated and baffling movies. None of Bay's trademark pizzaz was on display in these incoherent films, only his over the top self-indulgence.

But it seems that Bay has not quite left behind the robots from Cybertron; according to Vulture he is on the cusp of signing a deal to return for a fourth movie. Paramount is apparently using his pet project, Pain & Gain, a true story about a group of dumb bodybuilders who kidnapped and tortured a businessmena, as leverage to get him to come back. In exchange for doing that movie - which he'll shoot soon - he will return at the end of 2012 to begin shooting Transformers 4.

What will it be about? I'm sure I wouldn't even be able to tell you AFTER I saw it, but Vulture says it won't be a preque. Guess that's good news. The site thinks the film will dig deep into the half-baked, uninteresting mythology of the Transformers cartoon; I'm only interested if they bring in Unicron.