New THREE STOOGES Trailer Shocks Internet By Being Like THE THREE STOOGES

The Farrelly Bros' long-gestating THREE STOOGES movie looks a lot like what a THREE STOOGES movie would look like.

The trailer for The Three Stooges, the long-in-the-works movie from the Farrelly Bros, hit while I was away from the computer, and the venom spewed towards it on Twitter excited me. This must be a really, really horrible looking movie, I thought. This is going to be fun.

Then I watched it and it looked like... well, like The Three Stooges. Did the people saying bad things ever actually WATCH any of those old shorts? Yes, this trailer has flat comedy lighting, but it isn't like the original shorts were masterpieces of cinematography. All of the jokes in the trailer - except for the iPhone gag and the nun in the bikini - could have been pulled right from 60 year old routines.

Which isn't to say the trailer looks GOOD. It just looks exactly like what you might expect a Three Stooges movie to be. Although imagine if Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro were in this...