The Trailer For KILL LIST Will Rattle You

The trailer for SXFantastic film KILL LIST debuts, and it's absolutely chilling.

Ben Wheatley's Kill List premiered at SXFantastic in March 2011, and the response was staggering. The relentless genre film was the very first movie to be bought at SXSW (IFC Midnight nabbed the rights), and audiences were stunned by the chilling, enigmatic film. 

SXFantastic is the collaboration between South by Southwest and Fantastic Fest, now in its fourth year. The lineup for 2011 included Cold Sweat, Little Deaths, The FP, George the Hedgehog and Kill List. The 2010 lineup included Gareth Edwards' Monsters and A Serbian Film.

Read Devin's interview with Kill List writer/director Ben Wheatley, whose first feature Down Terrace thrilled audiences at Fantastic Fest 2009. Wheatley's also one of the directors tackling a segment in Drafthouse Films' The ABCs Of Death.