Join The #HUNGERGAMES100 Poster Puzzle Hunt - We Have Piece 85!

It's 100 days until the release of HUNGER GAMES, and Lionsgate is celebrating by creating a puzzle that reveals the new poster. And we're in on it!

NOTE FROM DEVIN: Please welcome Sarah Pitre, who runs our sister site, Forever Young Adult. I've drafted her to come on by and give some context for this Hunger Games promotion. She'll be back soon with a post trying to explain to us why we should care about Hunger Games - I'm excited to be persuaded.

Hey there, tributes! Welcome to the #HUNGERGAMES100 Poster Puzzle Hunt, a game that thankfully does not encourage killing of any kind. To win this hunt, you must scour the internet to find 100 puzzle pieces and put them together to create the latest Hunger Games poster. You don't need archery skills or a thirst for blood to win this contest-- just a little internet elbow grease. Here's how it works:

Search twitter for the #HungerGames100 Hashtag
Collect all 100 Pieces and Solve the Puzzle
Upload a photo of your poster to and @tag The Official Hunger Games Movie Page
After the first person solves the puzzle and posts it on the Facebook page, Lionsgate will reveal the official new poster!

For more info visit the official Facebook page where it's broken down in more detail, and where the hunt is being hosted.

Click here to download Badass Digest's puzzle piece, which is 85/100. 

Based on the braid and the greasy hair (I'm guessing there was no shampoo in the Cornucopia), I think we're looking at the back of Katniss' head. And there appears to be fiery embers floating from the sky-- perhaps from a burning Mockingjay symbol? It looks like this poster is going to be very different from anything we've seen thus far, and I'm crossing my fingers that Buttercup finally makes an appearance.