New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Web Page Reveals Just What That “Untold Story” Might Be

Peter's dad may be more important than we thought.

Last week a new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man debuted, promising the 'Untold Story.' I scoffed, as the film is just another variation on the well-worn Spider-Man origin story, but new details from the movie's website point to some actually interesting new wrinkles in this version.

New wrinkles for film, anyway. A lot of this seems culled from the comics: 

In the original Marvel continuity Peter's parents, Richard and Mary Parker, are actually spies. They work with the CIA and SHIELD, and had adventures alongside the likes of Wolverine. I have always felt this was a fairly terrible idea. in the Ultimate Universe, Peter's dad was a research biologist whose attempts to cure cancer led him to creating the symbiote that would later be known as Venom. He also returned as a clone and shit (the original universe Parkers returned as android Life Model Decoys. COMICS!).

Were I to guess I would say that The Amazing Spider-Man is following the Ultimate version more closely. Before Comic Con I heard a rumor that Peter Parker had no powers, that all of his Spidey abilities came from gadgets. But what if the reality is that Peter gets his powers because his dad monkeyed with his genetics as part of his research - that anyone else bitten by that spider would have died, but Peter Parker's unique genetics allowed him to get powers? It sounds like the kind of over-explaining modern audiences demand.

You can check out the whole new site here.