Up For Discussion: The Prologue To THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Have you seen the IMAX footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? Talk about Bane's locution here.

I have not seen the IMAX footage from The Dark Knight Rises that is playing in front of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol right now; I was out of town when it was screened for LA critics. I have heard some of the audio, though, which means I understand why there is a large group of people saying that Bane's dialogue is pretty much incomprehensible. There was some leaked audio from back when TDKR was shooting at a football stadium in Pittsburgh, and Tom Hardy's choice when it came to Bane's accent was... interesting; many people assumed that wasn't how the character would actually sound. Turns out it exactly is.

There are people who seem to think that what's playing on IMAX screens this weekend is somehow unfinished, that Nolan hasn't mixed the audio or something. That isn't the case, and Nolan has said so in print a couple of times now - this is what Bane's going to sound like, and it's going to be hard for people to understand him. Again, a fascinating and really bold choice. 

Did you see the footage (in theaters)? What did you think of what you saw? Most importantly: what did you think of what you heard?