Confirmed: There Will Be FAST AND FURIOUS 6 AND 7!

Vin Diesel says both scripts are being written back to back.

Fast Five contained the very best mid-credits sting I have seen in YEARS, one that promises a bold and exciting direction for the insanely entertaining series. The revelation that Letty is alive and a terrorist opens absolutely awesome doors, especially if Justin Lin - who has really matured into a terrific action director over the course of the series - is back.

But the tale of Letty's return is too big for one movie, and so Fast Five will be followed by Fasts Six and Seven, which are being written back to back as one story. Says Vin Diesel:

With the success of this last one, and the inclusion of so many characters, and the broadening of scope, when we were sitting down to figure out what would fit into the real estate of number six, we didn’t have enough space.

We have to pay off this story, we have to service all of these character relationships, and when we started mapping all that out it just went beyond 110 pages. The studio said, ‘You can’t fit all that story in one damn movie!’

Whoever made the decision, I salute them. And I don't mean this ironically - I have enjoyed many of the entries in this silly franchise, but with Fast Five it truly transcended into the kind of fun action film that feels rare in a sea of gritty Transformers and Bourne movies. And the series has accumulated a weird and interesting continuity that I want to see fully paid off. Also: more The Rock. 

If you haven't seen Fast Five, you must. You'll understand where I'm coming from on this.