STAR TREK 2 To Be Post-Converted, Possibly Shot In IMAX And Features No Original Cast Members

Now I guess you don't have to read the article, I've given it all away in the headline.

Some minor news has come out of the Star Trek 2 camp: JJ Abrams says that he's thinking of shooting the film partially in IMAX, and that he'll be going with film for the actual production. It'll be in 2D and post converted to 3D (which, frankly means it can be skipped in 3D. Down with post-conversions). 

The other major bit of news is that there are no parts for original crewmembers in the script, so Star Trek 2 won't be following Old Spock as he establishes a new Vulcan homeworld. It also means we get to hear William Shatner bitch and moan a bit more in the coming years. 

Finally, Captain Pike will be in the film, although his roll - er, role - is unknown at this time. 

And that's your Star Trek 2 update.