THE AVENGERS To Be Released In Muddled, Possibly Passable, 3D

Because, you know, the kids. Or something.

Stop it with the post-conversions. Just stop it. If you're making a movie in 3D, making it IN FUCKING 3D. Shoot it in 3D, plan it in 3D. Don't have a bunch of wonk-ass technicians sitting in a room separate your fucking planes for you later on.

The last two Marvel movies were released in 3D. Does anybody feel like this in any way improved the films? Was there a moment that stands out for you as 'Holy shit, I am so glad that was 3D'? I doubt it. The best thing I can say about the 3D on these last two movies is that Captain America wasn't TOO dark. Thor was pretty damn murky, though. 

But Marvel - a supporter of SOPA, by the way - wants to get that 3 dollar 3D surcharge out of you, and they're riding this tired post-conversion wave all the fucking way to the end. With The Avengers hitting in 3D. 

Hasn't 2011 taught us that the post-convert is dead? That the native 3D is embraced, but the post-convert just isn't cutting it, technically or financially? I guess not, because I understand Wrath of the Titans is being post-converted as well. You know, I've recently come to a breakthrough on 3D. I may write that up next....