Heists, Hygiene and The Human Clock in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April's post-holiday gift to us all are videos from Foster the People, Comme Un Enfant and Metronomy!

Admittedly I knew little of the band Foster the People and a great deal regarding the work of the directing duo at the helm, DANIELS, when the following joint effort was released earlier this month. I even feel compelled to share their latest cereal ad on account of it being so damn sharp. In the latest video for the LA-based indie pop trio’s “Don’t Stop” you’re likely to recognize Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) behind the wheel timorously awaiting her exam at the local DMV. Park it, Ryan Gosling. There’s a new Driver in town who doesn’t carry a gun either. She just drives... into lots and lots of things. 

Loosely translated, “Comme Un Enfant” means “like a child." Deeper into my research I learned the French group’s lead, Yelle (aka Julie Budet), alongside director Jérémie Saindon, were on a mission to portray a sort of high fashion take on a dreaded trip to the dentist. If this is any indication as to what a cleaning is like in France, I should probably refrain from bragging about the Bernese Mountain Dog that gives me a high-five before my appointment with Dr. Root. On a technical note, the tone of the bubblegum-tinged gimp suits are truly captured beautifully on the Alexa.

Directed by Jul & Mat, the curious collaboration with London-based electronic quartet Metronomy for the track “She Wants” took Grand Jury Prize at this year’s International Music Video Art Festival. What may first appear to be a cocktail party for the genetically blessed is actually just an Anthropologie-hosted freak show. I spy hypertrichosis, ocular deformity, monozygotic twins and narcolepsy to start.