Mondo Resurrects DRACULA - This Time With Bela

The final Mondo release of 2011 is a return to Universal's DRACULA - which was also the first poster of the year.

The good cool people at Mondo are bookending 2011 with Dracula. Their first poster this year was for Universal's original Dracula, and it was one of the most beautiful posters they've ever done. But it didn't feature Bela Lugosi at all, which is being corrected with this new, incredible poster by Martin Ansin. The standard version is limited to 350 copies, for $45.

And because this is Mondo there are some INCREDIBLE variants. First of all there's this gorgeous black and white version, printed with metallic inks. There are just 100 of these, priced at $85.

Then for big spenders - and for people who want the coolest thing possible - there's this wooden COFFIN SHAPED variant. 75 of these at $135. 

The posters go on sale tomorrow at a secret time. Follow @MondoNews for the official announcement!