Spoiler: your kids don't want Mega Bloks, they want Legos.


I work in an industry where grown ups closely scrutinize toy packaging for clues about upcoming films. Just last week I spent hours looking over every square inch of the Mattel The Master boat playset, and my in-box right now contains images of the Hyde Park On Hudson Shrinky-Dinks. I'm hoping to find some spoilers about Truman in there. 
Also there are these Amazing Spider-Man toys. They're off-brand Legos, and they reveal something about the story of the film, something that had been reported as rumor months ago. Here comes the spoiler:
There are SWAT Lizards.

It had been reported a while back that the Lizard would turn a SWAT team into lizards to battle Spider-Man, and this new toy seems to confirm that. 

Also, there's this amazing toy, which shows the Lizard really enjoying himself while doing some off-roading. I don't know if that's a spoiler: