I Hope These Pizza Prints Prove Fatal

If you buy these you probably deserve to choke on them.

You know what pizza is missing? A logo on it! Thankfully that's been rectified by Pizza Prints, a product that will allow you to place the Super Bowl logo - or the logo of any of your favorite football teams or other horrible designs - on your piping hot pizza. And when I say place it on your piping hot pizza, I mean that it's some kind of decal you stick on which MELTS TO YOUR PIZZA and is claimed to then be edible. 

I'm not even sure that I can understand the drive to do this. It's simply disgusting to have printing on your food; I don't even understand people who have stuff stuck on their cakes (I'm not talking about handmade messages or images, but rather those mass-produced edible stickers... which are probably the same shit as Pizza Prints, when I think about it). As a society we have come to a new low as far as our relationship to food as a nutritional product. 

This stuff may not be new, but I'm not really up on white trash culture, so it took @nickrob to bring it to my attention.

The best part in the commercial below: the decorative Super Bowl rings intended as napkin holders. Nothing says football party like napkin rings.