Focus Features Is Releasing JUAN OF THE DEAD!

Get excited, people.

I really dug Juan of the Dead, Alejandro Brugue's surprising political zomcom. Juan looks at a zombie outbreak in Fidel's Cuba, and it approaches the subject very differently from how its Shaun of the Dead-sounding name and buddy structure might lead you to believe. The Fantastic Fest crowd really liked the movie too, but it looked like maybe the film would never end up in the US. 

Thankfully that isn't the case, and Focus Worldwide - Focus Feature's new VOD venture - has picked up US rights to the film on streaming and sell through on demand platforms. It's still possible for someone else to get theatrical for the movie, but at the very least this means you'll be able to see the film on iTunes, Xbox, PSN or other direct to your home formats. And you should definitely see this movie.

I'm not sure when it'll hit these platforms, but we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, read my review.