Of Course There’s A PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Coming This Year

Paramount makes its fourth night vision spookfest official.

Paranormal Activity 3 cost about 5 million dollars to make and recouped around 200 million. Of course there's going to be a sequel.

What will that sequel be? Nobody - probably not even Paramount - knows right now. But there will be more found footage ghosts coming to us this October. And for the first time I don't mind - I actually quite liked PA3 despite being so hugely skeptical of it that I skipped the Fantastic Fest screening. Of course that doesn't mean Paramount will make another good movie - we're just as likely to get a tedious retread like Paranormal Activity 2 - but I'm hopeful.

Some questions for you: do you think Paramount will ever spend real money on these? I doubt it, and I assume they'll just churn them out annually for about 5 million bucks until it is no longer profitable, or until the series shifts to VOD only. Do you think that Paramount will actually try to get some talent for the fourth, or will they simply get a guy who is cheap? Finally: how many of these do you think we get? I imagine we top out at 7.