Our Daily Trailer: ANNIE HALL

Give us this day our daily trailer! The old feature returns with one of the best movies ever made.

When BAD first launched Our Daily Trailer was one of the original features. It was well received if never exactly popular. At the time this was a very one man show, and when I struggled to keep up with daily posting duties the first things to fall away were the less popular features - like Our Daily Trailer. Now BAD has more infrastructure, which gives me a bit more time to make sure a feature like this can keep puttering along. The goal is to have a new entry every Monday through Friday, and to have entries not just from me but the entire BAD team. If you like this feature, let us know - your feedback means a lot.

As a young nerd the 1977 Oscars were nothing less than a travesty. A Woody Allen film beat out Star Wars for best picture, and George Lucas for best director! The squares, it seemed, had won again.

But now as a grown-up I understand the real travesty would have been the other way around. Annie Hall isn't just one of Woody Allen's best films, it's one of the best films ever made, period. It's a tremendously smart, funny and hugely watchable film that is incredibly wise about relationships and life. It's a film that still feels as exciting and daring today as it did in 77. The real test of becoming an adult, I think, is when you realize that the correct contender won that year.

The trailer for Annie Hall is terrific. It wisely showcases Woody's one-liners, but it doesn't even use the best ones. And it doesn't give away the best jokes. It's a fairly comprehensive look at the movie, and it's comprehensively fair - the trailer truly represents the tone and feel of the film. You will get what this trailer is selling.

It's possible you've never seen Annie Hall - correct that immediately. It's beyond badass.