SKYFALL Producers Get Hip To Twitter, Youtube, Internet In General

EON decides to see what this whole internet thing is about.

There's a moment in 1971's Diamonds Are Forever where Sean Connery --41, oily and graying, ear canals full of hair--strides into a casino in his white dinner jacket and is greeted by a noisy, ugly scene of tourists in sloppy clothes, jerking off slot machines. In that instant, it was as if the world had left suave, supercool James Bond behind, and he's been scrambling to catch up ever since. Over the next couple decades, the franchise became increasingly out of step, chasing trends instead of making them: Live and Let Die (Bond in blaxploitation!),  Moonraker (Bond in space!), Licence To Kill (Bond in a shitty 80s action movie!). It's a franchise often trying too hard to appeal to a younger demographic. Even Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace piggybacked the series' return to form onto the style (and certain key crew members) of the Bourne franchise.

So we shouldn't be surprised that EON has taken until now to really embrace the marketing and publicity opportunities the internet provides. They'd done websites before, but this seems to be their first real embrace of social media. And of course, their first order of business was to let us know that, for three films in a row, Daniel Craig's James Bond will have a scene in a men's toilet.

They've also got a Twitter account, which mostly posts Bond history trivia and stills of slates from the new film, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, and now a relaunched, which promises updates and glimpses into production of the new film. An initial spin of the site reveals little more than an aggregation of the pics posted on Twitter and Facebook, and a lone Youtube video of producer Michael G. Wilson telling you to strap in for all the great shit that's about to come down EON's new digital pike.

In related news, Ralph Fiennes let slip in an interview with the Daily Record yesterday that he's playing a "government agent" in Skyfall. So maybe we can all stop running those menacing bald shots of Fiennes while fancasting him as Blofeld now?