Underrated Horror Movie SPLICE Getting Sideshow Toys Treatment

Vincenzo Natali's batshit genetics movie is getting a tie-in toy from Sideshow.

Vincenzo Natali's Splice is one of my favorite horror films of the decade. It's a crazy film, one that really dares to go weird, nutty places that will have you saying 'What the fuck?!' quite literally out loud. I first saw it at Sundance and cackled all the way through, marveling at the incredible creature design as well as Natali's brass balls to go places that marked Splice as definitely not for the mainstream. 

So imagine my surprise when Warner Bros picked the film up. Despite a good effort they couldn't get normal audiences to see it, and even members of the horror audience - beaten down by years of glossy remakes and endless sequels treading familiar, boring ground - found the film too odd. Hopefully one day Splice will be seen as the wonderful cult film it truly is and it will find its audience.

One thing that will help: Sideshow Toys is making a statue or figure of Dren, the genetically modified creature from the film. It's early stage Dren, not late stage hot naked French lady Dren. The figure - which will be almost life size - will be out this year at some point. You can see early design work here, and you can visit the Sideshow page to read more about it. 

If you haven't seen Splice, give it a chance. And yes, Dren's head DOES look like a penis.