National Unrest Intensifies As BaneGate Rages On

The war over Bane's dialogue gets more intense amid reports that the IMAX prologue has been remixed.

Is Bane understandable or not? America must know! And if Bane isn't understandable, we must know who at Warner Bros knew it, and when they found out. We need Congressional inquiries!

The first order of business: is Warner Bros lying about fixing the Bane audio in the IMAX The Dark Knight Rises prologue? Reports are surfacing that now Bane is actually comprehensible. The Woodwards and Bernsteins at Collider have a source that tells them a new soundtrack has been sent out to IMAX projectionists, with the background plane noise reduced. So while Bane's voice hasn't been touched, the mix has been changed to bring him to the fore, which the projectionist says makes him 40% more understandable. That's a scientific measurement.

But Warner Bros flat out denies it, despite Collider having a printed piece of paper that says "Dear IMAX Projectionist" and details how to use the new disc with the new mix. 

If Christopher Nolan does change the mix, where does that leave the Batjihadists who were adamant - militantly adamant! - that Bane was perfectly understandable all along? Is their leader admitting fault? This could lead to a wave of suicide bombings by grown men tearfully clutching Hot Toys Joker figures (probably the Joker as Cop one, it's so real looking!).

I think the fire is rising. FUCK! What if this was Bane's plan all along...