The Universal JAWS Ride Is Dead. Long Live The Universal JAWS Ride

Universal Orlando's JAWS ride has been closed to make way for more Harry Potter or something. This video will let you vicariously experience it.

I'm probably going to piss some people off, but here goes: I had no idea Universal Orlando's Jaws ride was so bad. I'm only familiar with the Hollywood version, which is pretty low key and has the shark attacking the tour tram. The Orlando version, which closed yesterday forever, is much more elaborate - but not really any better. The whole entry area, a fake summer carnival on Amity Island, doesn't seem that interesting. And the boat ride itself... well, I'm sure it's an exciting opportunity for the drama students who play the tour guides, but man that is just not a particularly engrossing series of encounters. Worst of all, the ending is based on Jaws 2

Anyway, this video will let you experience the 'magic' for yourself if you've never been. Since now you can never go.