And The First Inhabitant Of The EVIL DEAD Remake’s Cabin In The Woods Is…

The actress who is playing Snow White in MIRROR MIRROR will try to rehab in a demon house.

I have no problem with the remake of Evil Dead. Mostly because it's barely a remake, more like an appropriation of a title. There won't even be an Ash in this film, keeping the original films sacrosanct. 

Instead of Ash the new Evil Dead will have Mia. She's a girl who recently ODed, and who is going to a cabin in the woods with some friends to detox. Deadites get unleashed, people get possessed and killed, and Mia's caught right in the middle of it trying to deal with sobriety and demons.

Lilly Collins, who appeared in The Blind Side and in the 'funny' Snow White movie Mirror Mirror, will be playing Mia. That makes her the foundation of this new franchise, it seems. She best get brushed up on her boomsticks.

The film is being directed by Fede Alvarez, and everybody in the comments is going to moan about how the latest draft was written by Diablo Cody (I'm just trying to make you prove me wrong).