Backwoods Bumpkins Brawling in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April beats those post-holiday blues with music videos from Dancing Pigeons, Milgrom and Deadsets.

I blame my relatives in Durant, Oklahoma and run-of-the-mill post holiday blues for recent nightmares involving the late nineties, first-person shooter PC game Redneck Rampage. That’s also where French duo Dancing Pigeons’ video for “Ritalin” comes into play. Sure it’s a year old, but this column didn’t exist back then and furthermore I enjoy making up the rules as I go along. Director Tomas Mankovsky captured the visually striking fire vs. ice duel between the backwoods bumpkins entirely on the high-speed Phantom camera. And don’t tell me you’ve also been held hostage by a Time Warp marathon on Discovery Channel, because I’m nearly spoken for. 

Milgrom are literally an animated band from Tel Aviv made up of clay-for-guts members Dolly, Tom and Blank -- as seen in their stop-motion video for their debut single “Boy." Very real, however, is the trio’s bonhomous offer of a free download of their first album Making Salad on their snazzy website. Distinguishable are the reflections of several kitschy low-fi musical influences I can get behind, such as Stereo Total or even The Shaggs. Perhaps unintentional are the creation’s references to Desperately Seeking Susan. Sidenote: Madonna was really fucking cool back then. I’m sorry for having a moment.   

Warning: The following is intended for those able to stomach mass quantities of (man-made) blood and, more specifically, when it’s comically pouring from the human dome region. Jonas Govaerts is at the helm of Deadsets' morbidly humorous video for their track “One Hour." That’s the time it took for a presumably mental hobo vampire to rob, chomp and bludgeon a couple innocents and witness the first ever death by remote control copter. Here’s to hoping he was able to squeeze in some downtime during those twenty-three remaining usable hours. If you’re counting, this is the second video in the bunch that should remind you to floss the teeth you’d like to keep.

A truly wise, 6-foot tall, fuchsia T-Rex baring two giant, filed-down teeth once told the children I was babysitting that “sharing is caring." So let’s see your recent favorites, or even music videos you’ve created yourself, below.