Boys Don’t Cry Or Engage In Telepathic Massacres - Kimberly Peirce May Remake CARRIE

A lady director for a lady story.

I think Carrie might be the best Stephen King adaptation. It's just a really, really great movie, and it's one of Brian De Palma's best films. But a remake has been kicking around for about ever, and now it's looking more likely than before.

The latest name attached to the film: Kimberly Peirce, who directed Boys Don't Cry and Stop-Loss and... that's mostly about it. IMDB isn't very helpful in situations like this, as it doesn't list music videos or commercials, which are possibly how she has kept herself busy (she directed an episode of The L Word as well). I don't know, maybe she just doesn't work a lot. Anyway, she's an interesting choice if only because a female director on a female-centric film makes some sense. 

I just can't tell if this is slumming for Peirce or what. I'm not worked up about the remake; it's not needed (especially not a more 'grounded' version, as Deadline reports) but it could be well done. I simply don't have enough of a sense for how Peirce will approach this material. Time will tell.