Hugh Jackman To Escape His Shackles In Aaron Sorkin’s Houdini Musical

With music by WICKED's Stephen Schwartz.

Hugh Jackman is headed back to Broadway, this time in a musical that promises to be just dripping with words... because the book is by Aaron Sorkin. The songs will be by Stephen Schwartz, best known for Godspell and Wicked, and it'll hit the Great White Way in the 2013-14 season.

The show will focus not on Houdini's magic but on his side hobby of exposing fake spiritualists. There's not much else known at the moment, but I can almost guarantee this sumbitch is getting a Hollywood version in maybe 2015. If it's any good. I'm not a huge Schwartz fan, but I trust Sorkin implicitly. And how can you not love Hugh Jackman?