STAR WARS To Make Fast Food Burgers Somehow Even More Disgusting

You've always wanted to eat a burger on a black bun, right?

French fast food chain Quick is unveiling new burgers to tie in with the 3D release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. There's the Jedi Burger, which looks like a regular burger but has... I don't know what on top. Is that apple chunks? Enormous onions? Then there's the Dark Burger, which looks sort of spicy. 

And then there's the "Dark Vador Burger," which comes on black buns. Black. 

The burger is so visually unappealing I am stunned it will be offered. And it's so visually unappealing that I feel like I would eat one. How is this disgusting promotion in France and not in America, home of disgusting fast food?

Thanks to Mathieu for the link.