The Ultimate Photobomb: Nude Man Shows Up In Kiddie Fashion Ad

Looks like this guy is playing Neptune, King of the Sea. Where's Dudley?

How does this get past anyone? La Redoute is an upscale French fashion brand, and their website featured a picture of kids playing in the surf to advertise swimwear. And lurking just behind the kids, clearly visible, is a naked man with his willy waving about. 

Once you take the naked man into account the picture looks like the kids are escaping a seafaring perv. Maybe this was intended as a safety message.

La Redoute immediately took down the photo, but this is the internet so you can check out le wang for yourself. They also apologized on Facebook. I imagine this will blow over in France; if this happened in America there would be lawsuits, it would be on the news and Michelle Bachmann's husband would be looking for that guy's phone number.

Here's a closeup of cock!