Name All 26 Films In The 1960s Film Alphabet

Can you name all 26 films? You're badasses, of course you can.

Stephen Wildish did ABC posters for 80s and 90s films, but how boring is that? The 80s and 90s are the most well-worn cinematic decades online. The 70s are great, but also very well-trod ground. But the 60s! The 60s were an interesting decade in film, bookended by the demise of Old Hollywood with Cleopatra in 1963 and the birth of New Hollywood in 1969 with Easy Rider. The decade is best known for music, but the cinema was undergoing truly interesting transformations at the time, and some of the strangest and most fun and deepest movies ever came from the 60s.

So now Wildish has this Alphabet of 60s Movies, and I love it. Possibly the only change I would make would be to swap out Ipcress File from I and use If... instead.

And now that I've given you the I entry, can you name the other 25?

Here's Wildish's site, with the other Alphabets.