Video of People In A Church Freaking Out About THE DEVIL INSIDE

Paramount screened the movie in a church, which is an admittedly cool marketing tactic.

A couple of thoughts on the marketing for The Devil Inside, which opens tonight at midnight for you late show ghouls:

- The posters that I have seen at bus stops are great. Really arresting imagery.

- Paramount sent out an email with the BEST pull quote of all time, taken from Harry Knowles:

"There's more exorcism in this film than any other I've seen"

I love this quote a lot. I love that it speaks only to the volume of exorcisms, and is in no way a judgment of any sort. I'm not intending this as an attack on Harry, who I know personally and like, just as an appreciation of a really weird pull quote. Maybe the weirdest I've seen in years.

- The studio screened the film in an old church in December. You can see footage from that above. They didn't screen the film for press until tonight; I will not be able to make that screening, so I'll be paying to see it tomorrow for review. 

Paramount's really good with these low budget horror movies, and it looks like the film'll be a hit this weekend. That said, I was really hoping to see something a little more intriguing come out of the low budget Insurge label; maybe with all the money the division has been pulling in they'll be able to go after the more 'arty' stuff - although it seems that Paramount still trots out the Vantage brand for that (see Like Crazy).

Here's the poster that's all over bus shelters in LA: