We’re One Movie Closer To The Last Kevin Smith Movie Ever

Smith announces that HIT SOMEBODY will be one film.

Kevin Smith decided to adapt Warren Zevon's hockey song Hit Somebody into a movie, and decided his epic tale would be too much for one film. For a while we were told to expect TWO Hit Somebody movies - a hockey duology opus. And these two films, Smith said, would be his last. This was the end, and he was bowing out of the filmmaking world.

But now it seems that he isn't two movies away from retirement - he's just one movie away from retirement! Smith announced via Twitter that Hit Somebody had returned to one film. Smith says that it makes sense to do it as one film as "the movie’s about taking one, good shot," but I imagine getting the financing for TWO hockey films - one that is about kids, since he was making the first movie about the main character's childhood - was tough. 

Smith aims to shoot in June and have Hit Somebody at Sundance in 2013. And then he'll be podcasting full time or something. He probably has enough money to just snootch bootches and stinkhand Mooby for the rest of his life, surrounded by his cult of angry, husky fans.